Play golf
Stay Safe

Golf is a safe outdoor activity, and Florida golf courses have taken extraordinary steps to keep golfers safe.

Socail Distancing
Social Distancing
Allowing single user carts and encouraging walking
Thorough cleaning of carts between players
Preventing contact with pins, rakes, and maintaining a 6-foot distance between all individuals on the course
…And More
Responding to the unique needs of every community to keep golf safe for both players and professionals

Staying Active means Staying Healthy

Health outcomes, whether from COVID-19 or other diseases, have a strong positive correlation with physical fitness.

Your responsibilities as a Player

You can do your part to help keep golf safe and your golf courses open.

Respect Course Rules/Guidelines:

Your courses will have new rules in place to protect your health. Respecting these rules will help keep your local course open.

Support Your Local Course:

While most golf courses have remained open, they have served fewer golfers and taken extraordinary steps to keep their players safe. Support the pro shop by making purchases on course instead of online, tip the team members who have been working hard to keep you safe, and always be respectful.

Golf will return to normal. But before that happens, let’s do everything we can to support our local community!

Supporting Local Golf Professionals

Golf professionals have been working since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and deserve our thanks for their efforts. As the world gets back to normal, remember to support PGA events and charities.

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